Zaura's Archive: Zaura's MIDAS Touch in water suppy

Zaura's Archive: Zaura's MIDAS Touch in water suppy

Zaura's Archive: Zaura's MIDAS Touch in water suppy

Community service by individuals are what largely determines leaders in modern democracies, these services largely comes through Foundations, Community based Associations, Clubs amougst others

Hon. AA Zaura has been one of the few Humanatarians in Kano who owns an NGO - the AA Zaura Foundation, the NGO championed numerous activities that over the last 10 years assuaged people's suffering a multiple areas; the purpose of today's Submission is his recent stride in the Area of water Supply.

In an ideal setting the purpose of government is to provide and cater for people's welfare via problem solving and speculations to avoid or control occurrence of yet to come problems - this in Modern practice of governance is reffered to as Sustainable development.

Through the  AA ZAURA Foundation AA Zaura had a huge investment in Human lives which compliments government effort at providing water. In the recent time, the foundation embarked on Rehabilitation of hitherto abandoned boreholes across the nocks and crannies of Kano state.

At the project conception,the intention was to fix 1000 no. boreholes, that intention was added up with 4,000 now targeting the number of boreholes to be resuscitated, refurbished and upgraded to 5,000 across the State, this project is an ongoing project that had commenced late last year and will be given accelerated treatment at continuation insha ALLAH enable the project meets it's target.

So far, over 11 Local Across the 3 Kano's 3 Senatorial District. This project is expended to continue soon.

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