Cleric Trains 100 Dialogue Ambasadors for Peaceful Co-existance in Kaduna

Cleric Trains 100 Dialogue Ambasadors for Peaceful Co-existance in Kaduna


Cleric Trains 100  Dialogue Ambasadors for Peaceful Co-existance  in Kaduna


No fewer than 100 Dialogue ambasadors  were trained on how to mitigate Dialogue in different communities, within Kaduna North local government area of Kaduna state by a  Cleric from Provincial Secretariat of Church and Societies, Reverend Father Onuh Ladi.

Reverend Ladi while opening a two days training, said the 100 People which includes, Religious leaders, Women groups and Youths leaders were drawn across 12 ward of Kaduna North local government area of the state

with the Theme" intercultural/inter religious Dialogue Between People of Kaduna North, Kaduna state, "We brought together religious leaders as part of the countinuetion of program we started  which is cataris police initiative so this is my own initiative I respond to train man under going so we bringing together 100 people yesterday was 80 people that's 40 women Muslim and christen 40 youth that's Muslim and christen. today we have bringing together 20 religious leaders from christen and Muslim group.

He maintained that" we want to promote Peaceful co-existance, Religious tolerance, Mutual understanding, Dialogue, among diverse Religious Faith.

Reverend Ladi further explained that "We are here to discuss inter religious and inter cultural dialogue how people can interact according to their cultures their cultural identity and religious identity and to explore why theirs always tension in kaduna north and to find ways of lasting peace and how we can alliviate and remove some of this obstacles and how proper interaction people respecting each other's space and dialogue come together to how we composition.     

"We want to achieve is peace what we want to achieve is respect what we want to achieve is dialogue mutual co existence without tension you respect me I respect you maintain your identity I maintain my identity wether it is religion wether it is culture wether it is gender we can all be who we are and yet live in peace without tension and that the peace that use to exist here in Kaduna north to find a way we can bring it back is possible.                     

"My message to the participant is that we are all agent of peace should not just end in workshop or talk show it should go back and practicalise what we are learning here and at government should make environment for this dialogue to thrive for this conversation to be possible.

Also Speaking the Lead Facilitator, Reverend Father. Stephen Ojapah said "

the need for it and then the whole element of identity and misconception that comes as a result of our cultural diversities and this are things that GOD have created it in us infact that we are all different and we need to understand the fact.

According to him "So we are trying to do and use these days for training to understand this diversity and also to understand the truth for dialogue the capacity to be able to listen to one another that can in danger other we can enhanced peace in our society and to be very careful with how religious leaders and politicians has always use our differences against us.

In his remarks the Senior Special Assistance to the Kaduna state Governor on Peace and Conflict resolution, Honorable Atiku Sankey said "Dialogue in peace building and conflict resolution is the first second and last resort to finding lasting solutions in ares where there are challenges of peace in ares where there's insense and conflict between different communities with different resort so dialogue is very very important. 

He added that "as a government we are very commitment to improving the situation between our community and so his Excellency governor Uba Sani has given us a charge to do all we can at every levels of society to improve the dialogue between our people and to always has conversation to that and take the recommendation to him and so that government can take action.

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