2024 Democracy Day: Balarabe Musa calls for President Tinubu's Resignation

2024 Democracy Day: Balarabe Musa calls for President Tinubu's Resignation

By Abdullahi Alhassan, Kaduna

A member of Peoples Redemption Party, PRP, Stakeholder and Son to Former Kaduna state Governor Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa, Hasheem Balarabe Musa have called for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu resignation. 

Balarabe Musa is speaking in commemoration of democracy day he said democracy day as a good thing but also the same time a disappointment, a disappointment in the sense that our parents Alhaji Balarabe Musa, Late cheif Gani Fawemi, and even Mr President too there are so many progressive and democratic people like comrade Shehu Sani.

 "And so many of their co members and other pro democratic activist who fall for this democracy and the military so that the power and democracy will return in Nigerians,but here are Nigeria has had the Best opportunity which is President Bola Ahmad Tinubu who sacrifice his life, his resources to ensure democracy in Nigeria.

 "And Nigeria have him as the president is the best opportunity Nigeria ever had since the return of democracy from 1999 to date. But yet look at Nigeria so many disappointment,so embarrassed.

"Nigerians can not even buy food not to talk of eat the food they can not buy food a bag of maize now is getting to 100 thousand infact even a box of matches is more than 50 naira now. So things are very expensive people can not buy food to eat,crises allover, terrorism people have been murdered people have been kidnapped which the military will not allow.  

"During the military they will not allowed this kind of abuse to Nigerians which my father the PRP Gani Fawemi, Shehu Sani and so many other prominent leaders in this country fought for. Which president Ahmad Tinubu was among the people who sacrifice his life they went to jail their family have victimized. 

Balarabe Musa maintained that Nigeria have the best opportunity now having Mr President Ahmad Tinubu as a president to redeem Nigeria,but Nigeria has seen the darkest period since the establishment of the federal republic of Nigeria from 1960 to date. Nigeria seem it's darkest and worst period while there are so many killings and food is very expressive no good schools the medical system is very poor.

"Mr President do not need much advice he knows everything because this is the man that sacrifices his time,resources and even went to jail or been detained by general Sani Abacha together with my Father,Gani Fawemi and so many other people they have been detained and how do you look at it why you will say that we need to get an audience to him.

We the advice we can give to the president he can kindly resign and give it to Shettima who is is vice president to take over or give it somebody who do the Constitution allowed because the military which we fought for before 1999 will not allow this kind of killings and naming of Nigerians abuse of the citizens they will not allow it.

We called on him to resign honourably acceptance to failure is honourable so there is nothing in resigning is even showing a kind if gesture to Nigerians that he has fail that's why he is resigning.

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