SOKAMUDA seeks Security bases, Chiefdoms to curb insecurity in the Zone

SOKAMUDA seeks Security bases, Chiefdoms to curb insecurity in the Zone

SOKAMUDA seeks Security bases, Chiefdoms to curb insecurity in the Zone

By Abdullahi Alhassan, Kaduna

The Southern Kaduna Muslim Ummah Development Association (SAKAMUDA) has called on state and  Federal and  government to Set Security formations, and  create more Chiefdoms in the area saying this will curb the lingering crises in the zone.

In a Communique signed and issued by chairman and Secretary of the association  after a two-day interactive session, with the Gobernatorial and Senatorial candidates ahead of 2023 elections held in kaduna.

The Communique read in part "The presence of military bases in the zone need to be invigorated by ensuring that the needed manpower, materials and funds in terms military personnel, equipment and other hardwares required that are necessary to safeguard and protect life and property are adequately provided for mild and major quick responses against any break down of law and order, and to also secure all major roads network within the zone and other areas that share boundary with the zone. 

"Many towns and villages in Southern Kaduna has little or no presence of Police formations,hence,the urgent need for more police formations and personnel in the places where there are not enough or none at all.

"The reestablishment and strengthening of vigilante services by Kaduna State government through legislation has brought some level sanity into the modusoperandi of the various groups named; the Kaduna State Vigilante Services (KADVIS)

"The government should also put it as priority to harmonise and empower all the existing ones;such as the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF)Hunters Groups,etc.

 lt added that "To ensure that miscreants and people with dubious character and behaviour are not recruited into such services and they should be remunerated,considering that their services is mainly to compliment and assist the Police and other security agencies in the discharge of their duties, and subsequently building the confidence of the populace.

"Security agencies must rethink their approach.The many reported cases of harassment of a section of the citizens and their arbitrary arrests and extortions 

will only lead to more stereotyping and worsening of peace and insecurity. All citizens should be treated equally and fairly.

"Again,the weak intelligence in dealing with organised crime needs to be reversed.There is also the need for greater confidence and capacity of the security agencies to work with “genuine” community leaders to handle the challenges of sophisticated and organised crime

"It is only inclusive community leadership where all sections of the community feels represented,honoured and respected that will minimise the quest for more autonomous community leadership in Southern Kaduna that can stand the test of time which the incoming government must ensure that equal rights and Justice across board as it is the cardinal priority for peace to continue to reign.

"The incoming Government come 2023, should conduct a comprehensive review of the existing previous practice that enhanced peaceful co-existence between farmers and herders,trace back for adoption in order to boost entrepreneurial activities and the return of peace and harmonious existence,and integrating it into the educational curriculum making it a compulsory subject from primary school up to university level.

The Communique further explain"All the lingering land disputes across the zone should be handling and treated with all sincerity and fairness.Original owners of land in places like Zangon/Kataf,Matsirga,etc.should be given back their land as is the only means of their livelihood.

"The incoming government should see it as an urgent priority in the interest of peace and social justice,and create the following:Chiefdoms:Creation of a Jagindi Chiefdom in Jema’a local government area to include: Dalle,Kariyo and Banauje.

Also"Creation of Kachia/Ladduga Chiefdom for the Hausa and Fulbe in Kachia and Ladduga communities of Kachia local government area;"Creation of Gayan Chiefdom for Muslim Communities from Chikum Chiefdom, in Chikun local government area.

The Creation of Zango Urban Chiefdom for Hausa Communities of Zango Urban District,in Zangon Kataf local government area."Creation of Kaceccere District,in Zangon Kataf local government area.

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