NAZAS-KASU Clarion calls for Financial intervention into the Academic Dilema of Less Privileged Students

NAZAS-KASU Clarion calls for Financial intervention into the Academic Dilema of Less Privileged Students

NAZAS-KASU Clarion calls for Financial intervention into the Academic Dilema of Less Privileged Students

National Association of Zazzau Students, Kaduna State University Chapter (NAZAS-KASU) has called for financial intervention into the academic dilemma of less privileged students.
The Group Said that in a statement signed by the President of the Group, Buhari Aminu.

The Group write to call on wealthy individual, philanthropists, generous political figures as well as other willing affluent people in Kaduna State and beyond, whose usual humanitarian supports are always reachable and unrestricted to the vulnerable people in the society, for another pressing financial intervention, for our underprivileged students in Kaduna State University (KASU), Kaduna.

"As students' ambassadors and advocates, we have not only been  deeply concerned but also worried to find a lasting solution to the current academic dilemma of our fellow students in Kaduna State University, Kaduna most especially those students who hail from the eleven Local Government Areas captured in this letter head.  

A great number of students find it very difficult to afford the payment of the normal tuition fees during their past academic sessions let alone the increased fees now. Many are in pestering academic dilemma brought by the recent tuition fees increment by the State Government. 

This keeps causing for them negative hopes each passing day; necessitates them to choose between the two terrible options - either to drop out of the school in the absence of their suitable alternatives - or remain to perform poorly in their varied academic disciplines resulted by many psychological disturbances. Their academically psychological disturbances are due to many reasons as follows:

1. Many less privileged students in  the University do their studies through their personal sponsorship by means of minimal business and hand works at the times when the tuition fees were affordable.

2. Many undergo their undergraduate studies by means of sponsorship by some generous individuals before the sudden increase in tuition fees.

3. Some do so through collective supports of their family members and relatives before the present high cost of living and the so-called unfriendly skyrocketed tuition fees.

4. Almost all students in KASU are now victims of proliferation of transport fares let alone other necessary financial needs in their academics.

5. Some students were able to afford their school fees in the past academic sessions by engaging themselves in small farming. But now cannot risk their lives due to cruel operations of bandits and kidnappers in those farming areas.

Frankly, what triggered this empathetic write-up of ours to the general public but willing people as representatives of students, is a strict warning captured in a circular released recently by the University management (Directorate of Academic Planning, Kaduna State University, Kaduna),  dated  20th October, 2022. The circular threateningly states this: 

 "It has been observed that there are still students who are either yet to make any payment or have only made part payment and therefore owing the University. In view of that, such categories of students are given from now to the beginning of the next session to settle their outstanding school fees or will not be able to access the portal for 2021/2022 registration".

With this, we therefore do call upon many willing well-to-do individuals, philanthropists and generous political figures to financially support our fellow students, especially those who are financially unstable to complete the journeys of their academic dreams. We have the data base of all the students who made the part payment of their school fees and those who have not yet paid, especially our indigenes of Zazzau Emirate. We do pray and hope that this Clarion Call will reach out to those whom this writing is meant for.

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