Every Week Nigerian Strikers Keep Scoring Goals For Their Clubs Abroad

Every Week Nigerian Strikers Keep Scoring Goals For Their Clubs Abroad

Every Week Nigerian Strikers Keep Scoring Goals For Their Clubs Abroad

Every Week Nigerian Strikers Kept Scoring Goals For Their Clubs Abroad

What are we not getting right in our national teams?

Here are some reactions by some people on facebook;

@Funny jcomedy said. “The national team technical team are not technically good enough, then secondly the players are not well motivated. You don't expect a foreign based player who is well payed at his club to start chasing NFF around for his match bonuses when he is fully aware that at his retirement he would be forgotten. For these few reasons they end giving just little to the national team and more to their various clubs.”

@King Lucio Ikenna said.” First Our Pitch Is Nothing Compared to Their Club's Pitch.

Secondly This Our Coach with No Glory, Dressing Like an Igbo Businessman. He has no clue on coaching a team. I wonder if Our coaches don't submit CV”.

@Peter Asibor also said “We have the players, NFF have to do their parts by

Finding the right technical director

Finding the right technical team with a grade A or grade B coach as the head of it.

The welfare of the players have to be a top priority.

Bonuses, allowances have to be paid as at when due.

No to favouritism and nepotism in the team.

The team should be disciplined by having leaders in the team.

When all these and the ones I have failed to mention are put in place, the players will be committed and motivated to work. 

Nobody should come here and say they don't need these things before they can be motivated to play for Nigeria. 

These people are professional footballers that need to be taken care of by giving them their entitlement. They are like other professions like doctors, engineers and the rest. Can a doctor or Engineer work in or for Nigeria for free? Would he or she be committed to the work without payment. So let's stop this talk of the players are nor dedicated. Put things in place and your players will do things. It is the effort you put in, that is the result you get”.

While, @Obiosa Chukwuka Philip said. “We do not have a technically sound coach and our facilities are substandard compared to what they get use to everyday”

@Olubode Adesomoju, “There's no enough competition in the team. Some local lads should be injected into the team to awaken the foreign pros. Our coaching crew need a better approach to the game. The midfielders invited are not active enough”.

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