ECOWAS: Kaduna's Monarchs, Religious Leaders, and CSO's Foster Deeper Unity with Nigerien counterparts in enhancing diplomatic relations.

ECOWAS: Kaduna's Monarchs, Religious Leaders, and CSO's Foster Deeper Unity with Nigerien counterparts in enhancing diplomatic relations.

ECOWAS: Kaduna's Monarchs, Religious Leaders, and CSO's Foster Deeper Unity with Nigerien counterparts in enhancing diplomatic relations.

In a resolute pursuit for global harmony, leaders from Kaduna's esteemed communities/organizations that includes Monarchs, Religious Leaders, and non-governmental organizations championing peacehuilding efforts embarked on a transformative peace advocacy visit to fortify bonds with residents of Niger Republic in Northern Nigeria. 

This mission is dedicated to the promotion of peace and the strengthening of diplomatic relationships across the spectrum of Africa's 54 diverse nations.

With a focused and positive intent on nurturing brotherly relations and facilitating cultural, Interfaith and call for dialogue and peaceful resolutions, the delegation's noble aspiration is to elevate diplomatic efforts and enhance fraternal camaraderie. Comprising eminent figures such as Northern Nigerian religious leaders, venerable traditional title holders, dedicated Community Peace Observers (CPOs), members of the Conflict Mitigation Management Regional Council (CMMRC), the Kungiyar Muryar Talaka (KMT), "The Eye Opener" NGO, and the Network of Peace Journalists, this cohesive assembly to engage with Nigerien leaders in Kaduna State to deliberate upon strategies that promote harmonious relations between rhe two nations.

Alhaji Ibrahim Gambo, Sarkin Gabas,  Tudun-Wada of Kaduna State, eloquently conveyed that the essence of this visit underscores the dedication towards enhancing the positive and amicable ties that bind these two great African nations. This interaction fosters an enriching cultural exchange, mutual understanding, and substantive person-to-person connections, ultimately solidifying the profound sense of kinship and unity that characterizes their relationship.

Pastor Yohanna Buru, the General Overseer of the Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna State spoke passionately about the purpose of the visit. He emphasized the pivotal role that such interactions play in regional harmony, highlighting the enduring and deeply entrenched connections that unite Nigeria and the Niger Republic.

"We stand here today to re-emphasize that as brothers, we stand firm and steadfast with our friends who we have a shared history of mutual respect and collaboration."

This noble endeavor extends beyond diplomatic channels, with the Christian clergyman emphasizing the importance of utilizing diplomacy to navigate ongoing challenges. He called upon the Muslims and Christians clerics and citizens in the country to unite in ceaseless prayers, beseeching divine intervention to alleviate the ongoing crisis. Pastor Buru's close friendships with numerous traditional title holders and religious leaders in the Niger Republic underpin his commitment to bridging divides.

Bernard Musa, a distinguished member of the Conflict Mitigation Management Regional Council (CMMRC), Kaduna State echoed a unified call to action for the Africans to champion the path for peace, development, and to continue to embrace democratic governance. He conveyed a message of unity, underscoring the shared identity of Niger Republic residents in Nigeria and emphasizing the urgency of peace and unity as the continent's guiding ethos.

"As brethren and compatriots, our unity is unassailable. Our purpose here is to stand in solidarity, fostering an environment of peace amidst the adversities that challenge your nation. Our unwavering prayers are directed towards divine intervention for the collective well-being of the African nations.

Alhaji Sidilghabit Ahmat Tarwaq, the Secretary-General of the Nigeriens Residing in Nigeria (Haut Conseil), expressed sincere appreciation for the visit by the diverse groups from Northern Nigeria. Tarwaq underscored the shared tapestry of history, emphasizing the multitude of commonalities that intricately connect Nigeria and the Niger Republic.

"As a united family, Nigeria and the Niger Republic are bound by a shared narrative that unites us. The ECOWAS framework's for diplomatic measures are crucial to address the various challenges facing both nations."

Tarwaq also illuminated the profound economic interdependence and the multitude of cross-cultural unions that binds Niger Republic and Nigeria.

He affirmed the depth and shared historical legacy, reaffirming the imperative of diplomacy to overcome the obstacles they collectively face.

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