Participants urged To embrace the spirit of unity, understanding, and resilience that defines the people of Kaduna - Deputy Governor Kaduna State

Participants urged To embrace the spirit of unity, understanding, and resilience that defines the people of Kaduna - Deputy Governor Kaduna State

Peace Building

Kaduna State Government is making frantic efforts to secure Kaduna and make the state safe for rapid economic progress. Deputy Governor, Dr Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe stated this today at the opening of a three-day peace dialogue tagged Concord Initiative taking place at Stonehedge Hotel, Kaduna. 

The peace dialogue brought together actors and stakeholders in the peace-building, early warning early response and development sector, and is designed to develop and strengthen national capacity to foresee, forestall, prepare and respond to and recover from risk, with the aim of building consensus and collaborative pt]rogrammes for advancing peace and prosperity in Kaduna State, according to the organizers. 

The three-day event is organized by the Office for Strategic Preparedness and Resilience-OSPRE(National Early Center in the Office of the Vice President) in collaboration with NEEM Foundation, Kaduna State Ministry of Internal Security and Hone Affairs, Kaduna Peace Commission and Kaduna State Bureau for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment. 

In her speech, Kaduna State Deputy Governor who was represented by the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor, Barrister James Kanyip described the meeting as a "significant checklist for Kaduna State which represents a significant milestone in our collective commitment to building lasting peace, fostering development, and securing the future of our beloved state.

Kanyip who described Kaduna as a state steeped in diversity which experienced  communal clashes, violent conflicts and other security challenges that have tested the resilience of its people,  however said the people of Kaduna have in the face of adversity consistently demonstrated their ability to come together, unite in the pursuit of lasting solutions, and to rebuild the fabric of our society.

Kanyip furthers said  organizing the three-day peace dialogue is a testament to the commitment shared between the administration of Senator Uba Sani and the organizers to creating a safer, more prosperous future for the people of Kaduna and, by extension, for all Nigerians. 

He expressed the appreciation of Kaduna State Government to the office of the Vice President and Neem Foundation for lending support to the agencies of Kaduna State government in hosting the Concord Initiative, while expressing that the "state government is concerned about the security situation in the state and has been making concerted effort to arrest the situation.”

“Apart from establishing the Kaduna State Peace Commission and a ministry dedicated to Internal Security, we have undertaken many initiatives that will minimize conflict in the state. For instance, the state government has established peace committees at the local government levels and encouraged the formation of community peace committees, which have all been trained on conflict early warning and early response system of the state Peace Commission.

"As we embark on this journey, it is essential to recognize the pivotal role that each one of you plays in this process. From community leaders and activists to government officials and development partners, your dedication to the cause of peace is commendable. It is through our collaborative efforts that we can pave the way for a more secure and prosperous Kaduna State.

"In closing, let us embrace the spirit of unity, understanding, and resilience that defines the people of Kaduna. Together, we can build a future where peace, prosperity, and development will flourish for generations to come."

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